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Delter Press

Product image 1Delter Press
Product image 2Delter Press

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We are so excited to introduce ya'll to the Delter press. An Australian concept for brewing a most excellent cup of coffee.

Brewing Instructions:

 1. Place a filter in the Delter cap and rinse with water and discard.
 2. Add freshly ground coffee into the Delter coffee chamber (max. capacity 30g/1.1 oz).
 3. Twist on the Delter cap.
 4. Flip the Delter over onto your cup and start pouring your hot water into the brew chamber, filling to the line markings.
 5. Raise the plunger to dose the exact amount of water required for your brew.
 6. Push down on the plunger to activate water and coffee contact.
 7. Raise the plunger again to redose or refill the brew chamber for larger, double-batch servings.


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