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Private espresso training - Juan Hernandez

Product image 1Private espresso training - Juan Hernandez
Product image 2Private espresso training - Juan Hernandez

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Private On-Site Consultation Curriculum - Home Barista

This training can be customized to the level of understanding of the student and/or the various topics that the student expresses interest in learning.

Included topics of learning:


1.       Establish and identify the 5 essentials needed in order to setup a high quality espresso station

2.       Unpack the concept of espresso

a.       What is espresso?

b.       Definition according to the SCA

c.       Understanding best/worst flavor

3.       Identify essential espresso machine and grinder components

4.       Discuss and perform the basics of Dosing, Distribution, and Tamping

5.       Learn how to steam milk with a steam wand

a.       Making high quality microfoam

b.       Repeatable technique

The goal for this class is to have the student conclude the training with a solid grasp on these fundamental topics. They will be able to make the most out of their own Espresso Set Up, and make a latte that emulates the standards delivered in a professional café.


Before scheduling the training, the trainer will send a few questions to determine the learner’s level of experience. The instructor will also send questions regarding the students machine set up at home, in order to  research and adequately prepare for the customized curriculum.  In order to give the learner the greatest value of education, the class may be customized with no additional charge, and the following topics will be covered, in addition to the topics above.


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