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CAFEC Pour Over Starter Kit

CAFEC Pour Over Starter Kit

White Rock Coffee has partnered with CAFEC to bring you this brand new pour over starter kit!

What's included:

  • Tritan Clear Flower Dripper
  • Tritan 4-cup Coffee Server
  • 4-cup Abaca+ filters (40 ct)


Filters: They have created highly specialized paper filters that have a "Two-Side Crepe" with an accurate balance that allows for a layer of air between the paper and the dripper so water can flow at an ideal speed to make the perfect brew.

Flower Dripper: This dripper keeps a deep filtering layer by making water circulation from the center outwards, creating the best possible flavor.

Tritan Coffee Server: Marked with convenient portion sizes, this server is extremely durable and long-lasting. Tritan is a resin with outstanding toughness, chemical and heat resistance, and high transparency. Tough enough to withstand hefty wear and tear, this server can be used outdoors as well!

Learn more about CAFEC's dedication to creating high quality, sustainable products here 

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