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Clever Coffee Dripper

Clever Coffee Dripper

The aptly named Clever Coffee Dripper succeeds in taking the brewing process and making it more approachable than maybe any other paper-filtered manual brewer around. Using its 18 fl oz brewing cone as a space for immersion brewing and a gasket on its base to decant your coffee directly into your mug or carafe you'll get repeatable results that bring together some of the best parts of both a full-immersion steep and a paper filtered brew—that means set-it-and-forget-it brewing, fewer required accessories for success, and cup clarity that lets you enjoy your favorite coffee entirely.

The Clever really sets itself apart from the crowd with how easy the upkeep is compared to so many other brewers. It uses a standard #4 filter that you can find almost anywhere, so no need for pricey or hard to find proprietary filters; if you prefer the full body of a metal filtered brew you can use a #4 metal filter just as easily. Thanks to it's BPA-free plastic construction you can also expect this dripper to be durable, lasting longer than its price tag might suggest. And, because of its steep-and-release design, cleaning is as easy as adding hot water and coffee detergent to the brewing cone, letting it steep, and then decanting and rinsing thoroughly.

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