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CQI - Q Arabica Grader Course and Exams

CQI - Q Arabica Grader Course and Exams

CQI’s Q Coffee System is an internationally recognized program for evaluating cup quality based on a standardized system for Arabica coffee using protocols developed by the SCA. A Q Arabica Grader is a highly trained and calibrated coffee taster who evaluates coffee using SCA cupping standards and protocols.

This course consists of two corresponding parts over six days. In the first part, over 3 days, learners review assumed knowledge and theoretical principles, including practice of all activities. The second part is a 3-day series of exams regarding the material presented. The course includes 20 exams over 9 Modules to test the learners’ job-relevant skills including cupping protocols, olfactory and gustatory senses, green coffee defect identification, roast sample level identification and matching pairs of coffee acids.  Testing also includes recognizing and recalling CQI Flavor Standards in aqueous solutions.

The Q Arabica Grader Combo Training and Exams six-day course is rigorous and consequently some students find it difficult to pass all exam portions the first time through. The final day will allow participants to retake certain tests as needed in hopes of completing the certification.  Participants who pass all exams earn a Q Arabica Grader certificate.

About the Educator:

Tim Heinze has been working in the coffee industry since 2009. He has worked on the upstream side of the industry including managing a washing station, owning and operating a coffee export company, and leading certification training on sensory and post-harvest processing as well as downstream managing the quality control with a large-scale commercial roaster. Additionally, he has supported coffee development work across Myanmar, DRC, Ethiopia, Philippines, Nepal, and more. He holds a Master of Agriculture degree from Texas A&M in addition to certifications from CQI and SCA. His expertise lies not only in coffee production and processing, but also in business and project management. He serves as the Coffee Education Manager of Sucafina and continues to consult on various development projects across the world. He is passionate about learning and supporting individuals to achieve their professional development goals!

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